AI NEXTCon '19

San Francisco | Oct. 8-11

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AI NEXTCon Developer Conference is AI developers-driven event specially geared to engineers, developers, data scientists to share, learn, and practice AI technology and how apply AI, ML, DL, Data to solve engineering problems, and machine learning production lifecycle. The conference features a blend of inspirational keynotes, deep dive tech talks, hands-on workshops, tools/framework live demo, networking opportunity with like minded developers. Monthly AI tech talks meetup in San Francisco/Bay area, and Weekly Online AI tech talks/workshops/courses


Computer Vision
Apply deep learning to understand images and videos, detect objects
The breakthrough on speech recognition, voice input control, NLP
Deep Learning
Deep learning algorithms, and frameworks
Machine Learning
Machine learning algorithms, models, and frameworks
Automatic machine learning and practical use cases
Machine Learning in Production
ML infra and lifecycle, Best practices in scaling, deploying, maintaining ML


Michael Jordan
Distinguished Professor
UC Berkeley
Danny Lange
VP of AI
Unity Technologies
Cibele Halasz
Sr. ML Engineer
Lukasz Kaiser
Sr. Scientist
Google Brain
Yifeng Lu
Staff Engineer
Google Brain
Ted Way
Sr. Program Manager
Willy Lulciuc
Software Engineer
Erin Ledell
Chief Scientist
Shawn Shah
Staff Engineer
Andrei Polzounov
Sr. Scientist
Blue River Technology
Anitha Kannan
Founding Member
Yonggang Hu
Distinguished Engineer
IBM Watson
Anish Sarma
Engineer Manager
Sanjian Chen
Staff Engineer
Alibaba Group
Jian Chang
Staff Engineer
Alibaba Group
Sindhu Ghanta
ML Rsearcher
Matt Feiszli
Research Scientist
Robert Nishihara
UC Berkeley
Bindu Reddy
Suqiang Song
AI Director
Jay Baxter
Sr. ML Engineer
Rui Wang
AI Researcher
Uber AI
Daniel Hill
Sr. Scientist
Ville Tuulos
Erez Barak
Partner GPM
Chris Suchanek
Pranjal Daga
ML Scientist
Cisco Innovation Labs
Sean Harris
Engineering Manager
Pengtao Xie
Director Engineering
Paul Mineiro
Principal Engineer
Tech Lead
Manasi Vartak
Verta AI


8:00amCheck In
9:00am Keynote
On Blending Machine Learning with Microeconomics
Michael Jordan, UC Berkeley
9:40am Keynote
On the Road to Artificial General Intelligence
Danny Lange, VP of AI, Unity
10:20am Coffee break and networking
10:45am Keynote
AI Innovation at Microsoft
Erez Barak, Sr. Director, Microsoft AI
11:25am Keynote
12:00pm Lunch break and networking
1:00pm - 1:50pm
Track 1
Developing and troubleshooting neural networks
Cibele Montez Halasz, Twitter
Track 2
Generating almost anything from deep models
Lukasz Kaiser, Google Brain
Track 3
How Salesforce Einstein Leverages NLP to Deliver Customer Experience at Scale
Peter Krmpotic, Salesforce
Track 4
Accelerating computer vision models with TensorFlow on FPGAs
Ted Way, Microsoft
2:00pm - 2:50pm
Track 1
Marquez: An Open Source Metadata Service for ML Platforms
Willy Lulciuc & Shawn Shah, WeWork
Track 2
Deep Learning in Precision Agriculture
Andrei Polzounov, Blue River Technology
Track 3
Elastic Distributed Deep Learning Training at large scale
Yonggang Hu, IBM Watson
Track 4
Scalable enterprise AutoML
Erin Ledell,
2:50pm -3:10pm: Coffee break and networking
3:10pm - 4:00pm
Track 1
A new AI approach to help researchers and real business with AutoML
Yifeng Lu, Google Brain
Track 2
Machine Learning for Digital Identity
Anish Sarma, Airbnb
Track 3
Building an AI Engine for Time Series Data Analytics
Sanjian Chen & Jian Chang, Alibaba Group
Track 4
AI as a Service -- Build Shared Modern AI Service Platforms
Suqiang Song, Mastercard
4:10pm - 5:00pm
Track 1
AI in Healthcare
Anitha Kannan, Curai
Track 2
Impact of ML on Perception for Autonomous Vehicles
Sean Harris, Cruise
Track 3
Algorithm and System for EHR-based Medical Decision-Making
Pengtao Xie, Petuum
5:30pm - 8:00pm: Evening Session (conference plus, workshop/training tickets holders only)
Dinner Reception with Speakers, Invited Guests.
8:30amCheck In
9:30am - 10:20am
Track 1
Video Understanding at Facebook
Matt Feiszli, Facebook
Track 2
Introduction to Reinforcement Learning and Contextual Bandits
Paul Mineiro, Microsoft
Track 3
Model-based Candidate Generation for Recommendations at Twitter
Jay Baxter, Twitter
10:30am - 11:20am
Track 1
Multivariate content optimization: Real-time recommendation and business insights
Daniel Hill, Amazon
Track 2
TransmogrifAI: efficient machine learning with Scala, Spark, and friends
Chris Suchanek, Salesforce
Track 2
Using Generative Adversarial Networks (GANS) to Train Accurate Deep Learning Models From Sparse Datasets.
Bindu Reddy, RealityEngines.AI
11:30am Lunch break and networking
1:00pm - 1:50pm
Track 1
Deep Learning for Speech Recognition
Pranjal Daga, Cisco
Track 2
Sindhu Ghanta,
Track 3
Reinforcement learning with open-ended algorithms
Rui Wang, Uber AI
2:00pm - 2:50pm
Track 1
More Data Science with Less Engineering: ML Infrastructure at Netflix
Ville Tuulos, Netflix
Track 2
Manasi Vartak, Vert AI
Track 3
Chris Fregly
9am - 12pm
Track 1
Real World Reinforcement Learning in Action
Tyler Clintworth, Microsoft Team
*Hands-on workshop, with lectures, demo, and code labs.
*In this workshop you will learn real world reinforcement learning and how applies to content personalization. We will walk you through setting up the service, writing your first application, and optimizing the policy using offline optimization. Workshop Details
12pm-1:00pmlunch break and networking
1:00pm - 4:00pm
Track 1
AI at Any Scale with Ray
Robert Nishihara, UC Berkeley
*hands-on workshop, with lectures, demo, and code labs. Workshop Details

9am - 12pm
Track 1
Serverless Machine Learning with TensorFlow (1)
by Google Team
*7 modules with lectures, live demo, and hands-on code labs. Course Outline
12pm-1pmlunch break
1pm - 4pm
Track 1
Serverless Machine Learning with TensorFlow (2)
by Google Team
*7 modules with lectures, live demo, and hands-on code labs. Course Outline
*speakers and schedules are subject to change.

Why Attend


50+ tech lead speakers from Engineering Teams at Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Uber, Linkedin, Pinterest, Nvidia, Twitter, and more.


60+ deep dive tech topics and practicial experiences in machine learning, deep learning, computer vision, speech reconginition, NLP, data science and analytics. specially geared to tech engineers who want to grasp AI tech applied to their daily project.


Connect with 500+ tech engineers, developers, data scientists; learn from peers, small-group discussions, office-hour, and lunch with speakers, happy hours.

Continious Learning

Continue to learn and practice AI post conference, join our free online AI learning group with 400+ tech speakers, 85,000+ tech engineers. Learn more.

AI Job

The speakers and sponsors teams are hiring tech engineers, developers, data scientitst, machine learning engineers and algorithm engineers. Come to talk and connect to the hiring manager and tech lead of the teams.



Oct. 8-11th, 2019


Santa Clara Convention Center



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  • AI NEXTCon New York, Jul. 23-26
  • AI NEXTCon Beijing. Dec. 12-15